Water Damage Restoration: Tips to do it Yourself & Much More

You have shut down all of the main water channels, and tighten out the taps of bathrooms and basins. Now, what? We understand that you are already messed up seeing water damage on your property. Hence, we are here to help you get rid of water damage quickly, with some great tips. 


Water and fire restoration services are of great use for individuals. These services are very useful in cases of emergency, related to fire and water. 


There have been cases found in a survey, that thousands of household, office properties, commercial properties, are affected by fire. This is because of many factors, out of which the most common case is electricity problems. Today, you are about to discover the best water damage restoration services in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Before that, have you ever thought of different types of water that people face while dealing with water damages. Do not be in wonder, as it is true. 


Clean Water


The first type of water is clean water that is from the tap, tank and pipe leaks. This type of water is cleanable by yourself, and if you go for professional help, it will cost you somewhere around 3-4 dollars per square foot. 


Now, this is usually not required by the average household, who always prefer to clean up such water damage by themselves. But for people who do not have enough time, or are living outside, and there are elderly people living at home, professional support is needed. 


We will go for the tips later, but now let's see the other types of water. 


Gray Water


The second type of water is the gray water. Do not be surprised with the terminologies. The gray water is nothing but the water which comes from dishwashing, cleaning clothes, cars, or anything. Basically, this type of waste water contains detergents and dust particles. 


Now, people who are not willing to go for professional water damage restoration can go for professional help. Without professional help, cleaning this type of water is also possible. For this, you need to have safety gears if your skin is sensitive. 


There are several cases found where people’s skin are sensitive to such types of water. Even there are such types of people in abundance, whose skin is particularly allergic to detergents. And if their skin comes in contact with detergent, it causes mild to major burns. 


Hence, if this type of water is not cleaned with care, it can lead to the need to get medical assistance. But there are no worries as proper gears are available for this type of cleaning. Gray water can also cause basement water damage. If you have a good budget you can buy the gears used by the professionals, who come from water and fire damage restoration companies. 


But, such types of gears are usually not required if you are not facing water problems regularly. The investment you will make here will not be useful for you, as you are not using the equipment frequently, and it is just stored there in the storeroom. 


But you can obviously invest for mid range equipment that will not cost much, and it will be a mindful investment for most of you. 


Now, lets comes to the last type of water which is,


Black Water


Black water is what we know coming from the sewage overflows and leaks, or from river flooding. This water is very dangerous in terms of healing. The water contacted with spare hands can cause serious infections, if comes in contact with open wounds that become very lethal. Further, if there is a great amount of water present here, it can cause serious damage to your belongings. 


In these cases it is best to contact a water damage restoration company and get help. The experts at water damage companies will have the perfect training and are geared with the right equipment to get rid of such water before it starts to damage your important documents, or form molds on your belongings. 


So, these are the three types of water that caucus water damages. Now, let’s see some great tips which you can use to -recover from water damage by yourself. Although, we will say if the damage is from black and gray water, it is best to contact a water damage restoration company. 


Tips to deal with water damage restoration


Inspect for mold


In your property which is suffering from water damage, the first step is to look for places where there can be mold growth and go for professional mold remediation. This is because mold damage can occur, if there are the right conditions in less than 24 hours. If there is an attic condensation. The mold may have started to grow a long time ago. There are certain types of mold that can be harmful to humans. Hence, you should be careful while dealing with mold, and the most common type of mold is not dangerous. If you find the common mold, cut out that area with a shovel and put it in a bag to dispose of. 


Drying out

You should dry out the affected areas as soon as possible. This can be done with the help of Water extraction services from experts. And if you are in an area where water damage is common then you should probably have such equipment with you. If the water level is very menial, then it can also cause further damage. What you need to do is to circulate air with the help of fans in that area.  And if you have a greater damage but you are still willing to do the task yourself, consider renting a large capacity dehumidifier. 


Remove and toss damaged porous materials


In case of water damage with porous materials like carpet, insulation fabrics, and light furniture, you need to ensure to dry them out. You can also go for professional wet carpet restoration. This is because most of the time, once these materials are soaked in water, there is no use restoring them. Because the fabrics that are soaked in water have already been damaged. And also if the water is drenched out, the mildew will further damage the materials fast. But, if you have a beloved piece of furniture or any other material you can go for professional help. Professionals will help you in the best way possible and we are here to hello you with that. BurkePors Restoration is known for the best water damage restoration services in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Disinfect Remaining materials


Once you have kept aside all of the materials inside your property, and dried out the floor, it is time to disinfect the remaining materials. Because waste water has many contaminants that can spread infections, especially if you have patients in house our elderly persons. Hence, it is very important to disinfect the places before you start working. 


Focus on ceilings repair at first


Ceilings exposed to water damage are the most vulnerable places due to gravity. In case of false ceilings you need to act superfast to ensure that there are no mishaps. Also, you can go for professional help. And if the leakage is from the rooftop, you need to find the true source of the leakage at first. You need to make sure that there are no further damages to the beams and rafters. A professional water damage restoration company is expert and has knowledge of all of these. This is because they are trained professionals and are experienced in dealing with such situations. 


Replace Damage Wood


Water is very dangerous for wood, and if there is one in your home that is soaked in water, you need to replace it. When removing the wood structures make sure to clean the spots beneath them. The structural elements of the wood should be handled with care while replacing and cleaning beneath them.


Install New and Sealed floors


Floorboards and floor carpets are very much vulnerable to water damage. If you have waterproof wooden floors, then you can be tension free. But, if you are not sure, you need to check if there is moisture trapped underneath the floors. If you have normal wood floors installed, you need to replace them immediately in case of water damage. Ceramic tile, high-end vinyl and other premium engineered wood are beneficial in preventing future water damage. 


Check your insurance


If you have significant damage to your home from water, it is best to contact your insurance company. But, hold on, before going to your insurance company, it is crucial to make this informed decision. This is that you contact the best water damage restoration company and get a proper inspection from them. Such a company like Burkepros, will help you get a proper estimate of the water damage repair project cost. 



So, these are the tips that would be useful for you if you are looking forward to combat water damage yourself. Or, else the best option is to contact a water damage restoration company like Burkepros Restoration. Get in touch with our experts and they will assist you in every way possible. We understand the situation an individual or family goes through during water or even fire damage. Hence, we deal with these cases accordingly ensuring that maximum of the things are recovered and cleaned. We also ensure that you get an affordable quote for your water damage repairs.

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